Australian National University, 2017 -
Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses
Language and Society
Child language acquisition
Qualitative Research methods
Language and Society in Indigenous Australia

University of Michigan, 2007 - 2017
Introduction to Sociolinguistics (Undergraduate and Graduate courses)
Perspectives on Bilingualism (Undergraduate and Graduate courses)
Language Contact (Graduate course)
Perspectives on First Language Acquisition (Graduate course) Start talking: Introduction to first language acquisition (Undergraduate course)
Introduction to Language (Undergraduate course)
Perspectives on Endangered Languages (Undergraduate course)
Language contact: A Case Study (Graduate course)
Language documentation and field methods (Undergraduate and Graduate course)

Linguistic Society of America 2013 Linguistic Institute at the University of Michigan: Universality and Variability. Course: The role of children in language contact and change. June 24 - July 19

Linguistic Society of America 2009 Linguistic Institute at UC Berkeley: Linguistic structure and language ecologies. Course: Linguistic effects of language shift and attrition. July 27 - August 13

Executive teacher in bilingual education schools in the Northern Territory, Australia (see Department of Employment, Education and Training Bilingual Education Program) Lajamanu Community Education Centre, Warlpiri, 1998-2001; Central Australian schools 2007; Languages taught in the schools: Warlpiri / Luritja / Pitjantjatjara and English

Advanced Diploma of Teaching, Batchelor College (now Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education ), Batchelor, Northern Territory, Australia 1996-97

ESL and EFL teaching in a variety of contexts, to children and adults 1984-1995


Current student projects

PhD students, primary supervisor:

Emma Browne: The Value of First Language Education: Teaching and Learning in Warlpiri in Three Bilingual classes at Yuendumu School

Megan Wood: Ideological and implementational learning spaces for students in a remote Northern Territory bilingual school

Lauren Reed: Growing language in the Highlands:A study of a two-generation-old sign language of rural Papua New Guinea

Joshua Roberts: Acquisition of Arrernte phonetics & phonology

Member of PhD panels:

Lesley Woods: A learner's guide to Ngiyampaa

Susan Poetsch: Children's learning of Arrernte in Central Australia

Denise Angelo: Misrecognising contact languages and the effects on education and policy, with a focus on Australia

Maho Fukuno: Translator ideology and norms: The intersection in the habitus of English-Japanese translators in a community translation setting

Li Chen: The language contact situation of Kaxabu and Southern Min

James Gray: Information structure in Pintupi-Luritja

Past student projects


2013 Erica Beck: The Role of Socio-indexical Information in Regional Accent Discrimination by 5-7 Year Old Children

Committee member: 2010 Christopher V. Odato: Children's Development of Knowledge and Beliefs About English Like(s)

Qualifying Research Papers (QRP)

2016 Ariana Bancu: Contact-induced variation in Viscri Saxon verb clusters

2015 David Ogden: The effects of experience on second-language consonant detection: Non-native vowel context speeds identification of non-native consonant categories

2012 Tridha Chatterjee: Bilingual compound verbs in Bengali-English code-switching

Masters theses

2018 Xiaoyue Yang: A corpus-based study on Mandarin child-directed speech

Undergraduate Honours theses

2020 Gina Welsh: Automatic morphosyntactic analysis of Light Warlpiri corpus data

2019 Caroline Hendy: An acoustic analysis of fricatives in Light Warlpiri (Winner, Reginald de Bray award for ANU SLLL Honours thesis)

2019 Amelia Carter: Historical comparative analysis of Yuin-Kuric languages

2014 Gabrielle Valentic: The influences of teacher multilingual linguistic response on Spanish-English bilingual student linguistic output

2013 Frances Morton: The Sex Trade: Language ideology behind "Sex Work" and "Sex Trafficking"

2013 Julia Bogen (2nd reader): Corrective feedback in L2 learning

2012 Amy Hemmeter: Gender and formality effects on the production of vocal fry